AR Graduation Cap

Augmented Reality
Passion Project

Since FIT’s graduation ceremony was cancelled due to Covid-19, I made an AR graduation cap for my fellow classmates.



Spark AR, Social Media (Instagram & LinkedIn)

1. Drawing the Graphic

I started to design the graphic on illustrator. My first graphic was completely off, the perspective and colors were incorrect. It took me one more drawing to get what I wanted.


2. Learning Spark AR

Learning Spark AR was not difficult. I found a YouTube tutorial online and adjusted it to fit my graphic. Once the cap was on the head I had to slightly resize the graphic to fit.

I then created a test link and sent it to five close friends. The AR worked, but did not fit on their heads properly. It was too wide. After two more tests, the filter was good to submit.

3. Rules/Regulations & Submitting

When submitting there are TONS of rules and regulations, how to name your filter, creating an icon, tags, categories, the list goes on. It took a large chunk of my time to read these rules, even rereading parts. I didn’t not want my filter to get rejected.


4. Social Media

My filter was approved. Time to share it on social media. People then started sharing my story, using the filter and tagging me. It then left my little circle of friends at FIT and went to different majors of FIT. I reposted people’s stories to spread the news of the filter.


5. The Results

On graduation day (Thursday, May 21st) the filter received:

23.3k impressions
2,092 captures

1 month of the filter:



I later posted on LinkedIn and it trended #1 on LinkedIn’s AR hashtag. The response on LinkedIn was overwhelmingly positive. Many fellow 2020 grads thanked me and asked for the name of the filter so they could use it.


In 2 days the post reached 110 reactions and by day 3 the post had:

207 reactions

Overall the project was a success. Not only did this project go viral, but I learned so much from this experience. I learned more about AR, social media, and the best way to effectively post on LinkedIn.

What I Learned:

1. Spark AR/Instagram Filters
It was exciting to learn Spark AR through this project, and it was cool to go through the process of creating a filter and uploading it to Instagram. I now have a greater appreciation when I click on an AR filter.

2. Social Media
I had to promote myself on different channels (Instagram & LinkedIn) for this filter to take off. Choosing the correct hashtags, hours to post, and descriptions really make a difference.

Built by Lauren  👩🏼