Product Designer
June 2019 - May 2020

I am currently a Junior Product Designer at Infor Design in New York City. These are some of the tasks I have made during my one year internship. Some include user research, A/B testing and UI design on their various products and collaborating with the design and development teams.

1. UX/UI Design Case Study

Designing for Infor Cloud Suite HCM

What is HCM?

Infor CloudSuite HCM is a Human Resource application that is customizable from the individual employee level to Human Resource management. This includes benefits management, on-boarding, performance tracking and budgeting.

Goal for Project

To create landing pages for different industries, ensuring that each page is created as the “best practice” for the specific industry. These landing pages would then be presented to Infor executives as an examples of how clients and companies can customize the pages for their specific needs.


1. Planning



I met with Jeanette a Product Designer at Infor and we discussed the different industries and how they each had different standards.

I researched various Infor client websites to understand the industries branding and user experiences. Identifying the UX on the websites, informed me on how to create the UX on the landing pages.

2. Sketching & Wireframes



I then created sketches using paper and markers to come up with some preliminary designs.

Each industries UX is different.

How would the UX for Retail be different from Manufacturing?
Since Retail is more fast paced and has a younger audience. The UX structure would have a more “modern” layout. The retail experience will have cards placed with a scrolling bar, with more cards to the right of the screen. For example, a younger audience does not need to see buttons to understand that a card is clickable.

Manufacturing would be more text driven. Users care less about imagery and icons. They prefer buttons on cards and want to see all of their options.



3. Sketch Libraries & Final Design


I used the icon library that Kenton and I designed to help build the UI. I also talked the UX Writer Julie, and finalized the content for the different industries.

The Landing Pages

Each landing page and set of icons can be customizable for a various set of industries.











I worked on icons with my manager Kenton, we made various sets with different styles. Our clients can choose from the different sets and pick their own colors which correlates to their brand identity.

Release and Promotional Video

The work was approved by members of Infor’s board and a promotional video featuring my updates in HCM was released. This portion of the video showcases my work.

What I Learned at Infor:

1. User Tests & Scripts
I did not know what user testing, A/B testing, or what a test script was before starting. During the internship, I got to learn, write and implement 2 user tests for Infor Expense.

2. Principle for interactions
This summer I decided I wanted to learn a new program, so I asked my team if I could learn Principle. It was difficult at first, but it is a valuable program that I was happy to learn and use.

3. What makes up a team…
I did not know how much went into creating a team. At Infor there are Product Leads, Product Managers, Designers, Developers, UX Writers, Usability Analysts, etc. All these team members help create the apps people use. I was able to learn about the different positions and what each does.

4. And much much more!

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