The New Rock Experience

Wayfinding & UX/UI
Group Project

A wayfinding system that allows tourists and New Yorkers to discover Rockefeller Center.

My Role
Mobile app, and collaborated on interviews and personas

Ashley Aviles and Hira Ali

The Problem

Without a proper wayfinding method, visitors at Rockefeller Center will miss out on many of the things the area has to offer.


 Goal for Project

Create an interactive experience and wayfinding system for Rockefeller Center.


Case Study & Research Deck!

User Research

On-site Interviews
7 User Interviews

5-10 minute interviews at the Plaza
Sample Questions
- Is this your first time visiting Rockefeller?
- Can you make it back to your point of entry?
- What’s your preferred entrance to Rockefeller? Why?
- How was your experience using the existing kiosks?
- Do you come here often?
- What do you like and not like about your experience?


Affinity Mapping


The dark interior created an overwhelming and claustrophobic atmosphere; while the lack of updated technology frustrates visitors.

People go to Rockefeller Center to shop and see the outside of the buildings, but they don’t know about the history.

Everyone would benefit from signage and maps that highlight events and tell the history

People want to know the history behind Rockefeller. 

Lack of updated technology, awareness for events, history, and huge crowds.


Visitors are not aware of the events and the lack of proper wayfinding prevents them from experiencing the history culture and art of Rockefeller.

Persona & Journey Maps

From our research and interviews, we created user personas and journey maps to further understand our users’ needs.


Antonio Ramirez

32, Peruvian Tourist
Antonio dreams of traveling the world and becoming a professional photographer. He enjoys learning about different cultures and experiencing new adventures.

“While I was in Rockefeller, I was overwhelmed by the number of people and the interior. I wish I had left understanding the importance of the building.”

Teresa Wang
38, NYC Resident
Teresa has worked at Rockefeller Center
as the leading sales force of NBC. She walks into the building through the 6th Ave NBC Studios entrance to get to work.

“Rockefeller is big and so much happens that it’s impossible to stay on top of events or learn about all the different companies in the building”

Journey Map

One of three journey maps created for our personas (Teresa Wang).



People enjoy interactive experiences and appreciate engaged learning.


While people navigate through the area, interactive products (kiosk and app) we create will enhance their experience.

Sample User Flows




App & Kiosk Maps


Visual Design - Kiosk

The plaza will have kiosk placed at strategic points both inside and outside for users to interact with.





Users can have the kiosk send directions straight to the mobile app.


Visitors can enjoy making memories with the built-in camera and the photobooth has many filters and options.

The Rockefeller App

Continue the fun at Rockefeller Plaza through the reimagined mobile app.


Scavenger Hunt

Discover art, trivia, and a few surprises, as you explore what makes Rockefeller amazing.

Additional Features
Users can customize their hunt as well as saving their prizes and their moments.

Completing a task
User's use the camera app to share their findings.

What I Learned

1. Don’t be afraid to go out and interview people!
This was my first time interviewing people at a site. The majority of people we met at Rockefeller were super friendly and informative. I learned that designers can get the best insights to their users by interviewing them. So don’t be afraid to ask!

2. Design for the user not yourself.
My group had many ideas before interviewing that could not be used after we interviewed our target audience. This was an important lesson. Even though we thought our original ideas were cool, it was important not to act on them. As a designer we should create for our target user and not ourselves.

Built by Lauren  👩🏼